Thursday 1 September 2011

Beamish continued...

 30 August

Beamish was brilliant! We went into an old fashioned Barclays, a sweet shop and a Co-op! At Barclays I signed with and old fashioned quill, and at the sweet shop I got an old styled chocolate bar! It  was the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted! 

 31 August

Yesterday we went to a massive shopping centre called The Trafford Centre. I didn't enjoy that as much as I did the evening! Until it came we didn't know what we were doing, but for dinner we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe! And at 7.30pm we went to see Arcade Fire live, supported by Noah and the Whale! They were amazing! One of them threw out their tambourine and someone down the front caught it!


Now we're about to drive to End of the Road! 

Will blog again soon!

Talia xx

Tuesday 30 August 2011


We're sitting in the van making our lunch to bring in to the open air museum, Beamish! It's set in the 19th century and should be very good. Will blog after we've been in,


Monday 29 August 2011

Some pix

Tali and Tom posing in Fort William

Jess and Pip have a fish foot spa in Fort William

Me and Tom having a very tickly fish foot spa in Fort William!!

Ardtoe Campsite, perfect location

Us lot and Velma at the westernmost point of the mainland Britain (after some roads that were worse than Croatia last year)


Sunday 28 August 2011


When we get a good enough connection, videos will soon be going on the blog for all to see! But for now we have to stick with photos. So here's one of Tobermory, this is where they filmed Balamory:

Shells! :)

The shells marking the tide-line on our beach in Ardtoe! 

PiPs photography btw.  

Itinerary update

Well Scotlands gale force winds are driving us south a bit earlier than planned, have updated the itinerary page.  We are hoping to get to Hadrians Wall tomorrow en route down country.

Mull was beautiful, we got to the island via a small open ferry to Tobermory.  We spent a couple of hours mooching around Tobermory then drove round the whole island as when we got to Calgary Bay the campsite was full and was also not welcoming to "large camper vans".  Turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it meant we saw the whole island in evening sunshine, had a lovely Italian meal and then got to the Shielings Camp Site in Craignure at about 2230 where we have stayed for 2 nights.  The gale force winds started literally as we parked up and have been unrelenting since.  We got out and about today though, a ride on a tiny train to a castle, then a drive to a second castle, and out trying to spot stags in a minute.

Talia will no doubt blog further minutae later.....Chris

Signal at last!

Wahoo! Finally we have internet and mobile signal! The last campsite we went to was in Ardtoe it was amazing! We had our own private mini Kynance Cove! Golden sand and great climbing rocks:) Later on Pip and me will post some photos and videos!

Talia :D