Monday 22 August 2011

Over the Barrier!

22nd August  Beautiful Days!

Sitting on a rug in the middle of a field full of spotty drunk adults, Jenna Whitehouse (my friend 10yrs) shouts over the noise " Should we go down the front?" I reply with an eager nod. So we crambled and crawled through the cramp crowd, to the barrier blocking you any closer to the stage.We jumped and clapped to the beat of Flogging Molly's songs. But as soon as the security men beyond the barrier noticed we were there they rushed over and asked us if we wanted to be lifted over, we said no thankyou! When Flogging Molly finished their session they threw out things to the audience Jenna and I got a signed plectrum each, and Jenna also got a songlist!

We waited for 1/2 an hour with the other 400 'eager beavers' on the barrier, include in those were some very nice girls who stood round us to stop us getting squished! Finally the Levellers begun their performance with a video, then they appeared and went straight into 'One Way'. They had done about 6 songs when Jenna got lifted over the barrier to safety, then 2 songs later she was back. When they came back on for the enchore we both had to go over the barrier so we didn't go splat! For the enchore songs we had 'front row, beyond the bar seats'. They ended with their signature song 'Beautiful Day', We applauded until our hands were raw, after the firework show then Jenna ran and got me the lead singers songlist!!!! Overall it was an amazing experience!

By Talia

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