Monday 26 July 2010

Disney - of course :)

Started the day in Bayeux with a walk into town and a visit to the Cathedral and the Tapestry (which actually engaged all of the kids for the half an hour or so of the audio tour).  Then a drive to Disney, with an hour in a supermarket for a break.  Got to Disney about 9pm and whizzed into Disney Village for a nose around - as visitors since 1992 we have noticed it grow and change, but it is reassuringly familiar :).  Tom is particularly excited as you can imagine, he has never been before.

Anyway, just a quick update as no doubt the kids will be up early tomorrow for the first time on the trip!!

Night night!


  1. are you in Area Autocaravanas Eurodisney? Enjoy!

  2. Yes we are, a sort of combination of people camping, families like us and some very Euro Gypsy types!