Saturday 24 July 2010

Grandpa Alans Hat supplier unearthed....

Jess spotted the source of le chapeau de Grandpa Alan in Honfleur today :)
And we enjoyed breakfast and found some Cidre :) for me and some Ice Creams for the kids...

Then we travelled on to the Normandy Beaches having sourced some information and Gin found us a superb campsite.  Having slept in a perfectly serviceable "aire" on the side of the motorway last night and on the side of the A30 the night before the decadence of a night of luxury seems to be OK.
Awning out, airer up
Talia enjoying the pool
Beautiful chef and burgers

Our campsite is on the coast right by Omaha beach, and as James has posted a comment re a gun emplacement we reckon we can walk to that tomorrow.  I hadn't realised just how extensive the Normandy beaches are and the scale of Operation Overlord.  I think the kids may struggle with it if the weather is good so may have to return again one day, but tomorrow we will definitely visit some of the beaches.


  1. Loving the blog. Have to have a look at where you are every day, even before I check Facebook!

  2. We are most honoured to know you are checking out our progress :) and before checking FB!!