Monday 5 July 2010

Trip Planning

Just a couple of weeks to go, mild panic setting in. Gin is busy running up new curtains for Velma, I am busy working out time/distances between possible points on our trip.

Can we get to Dubrovnik?

How long from the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia to Venice?

Do we need to book campsites or do we have the nerve to just fly by the seat of our pants?

Will I ever drag this lot further into Europe than Disneyland :):)

Stay tuned for more updates...trying to work out how to let you know where we are "live" as we travel, anyone got any ideas?

Cheers, Chris


  1. sailors use these kind of things
    don't know if this is any good.
    Looking forward to following your progress and updating you on what you're missing out on (yeah right). Green with envy. JG

  2. don't go here:
    you won't be needing any pant seats to fly by!

  3. As Pip can't do bra shopping with me in earshot I don't think cronatur will work for us :)

  4. Hi,
    Worked OK this morning from your new email. Yesterday the link was not in blue.

    Good luck!


  5. Pre-Europe express pub night Friday? You can both tell me all about your plans. Jo's in Truro with colleagues and staying over.

  6. looks like all the Croatian festivals are Dance-centric

  7. Yes, location shown this morning

  8. I see that you can't keep away from Glastonbury!

  9. I was just passing it by train :)

  10. Fly be the seat of your pants that's what I say! (but you knew I would!). Just make sure you know where the next toilet disposal place is.....