Friday 23 July 2010

Ruan Minor to Sourton Cross and onwards...

So at 2305 Velma eventually left the Ruan Minor Car Park headed North (only direction available really!!).  We stopped off at Duchy Hospital to drop off my car and then headed up the A30.  Our glamourous first overnight was in a large layby at Sourton Cross amongst trucks, a huge steam engine and some other campers/caravans.

We are now trucking up the A30 with Gin at the wheel and Costa coffee onboard.  The kids are still sleeping and periodically waking up to bicker :), I am hoping that the bickering may diminish as they work out that we are now stuck together for a very long time!!

We have already realised we left our main camera behind!!  Luckily two of the girls have new cameras and we did bring our old camera, so we should be fine.  I suggested a purchase but at the moment that has been rejected.

James - just passed the Newcott Chef :)  Where we had breakfast after EOTR last year!

Anyway, will stop waffling now, pix later possibly.  Cheers, Chris


  1. If your return journey is the same route please stop at my in-laws in MaryTavy rather than Sourton Cross car park - about 15 mins away and in beautiful fields.

  2. It occured to me, but it was 0130 and I thought it not the best time to make new friends!!!

    Thanks for the Honfleur recommend, it was great, we had breafast there this morning.

  3. re: forgotten camera - any destinations with known addresses? Could be posted over or too risky?