Tuesday 20 July 2010

Jess new camera for trip

This was the very first photo I took with my new Camera! It was taken just after I had been to see the play she was in: A very Old man with Enourmous Wings. It was great!

I can't wait to start our trip becasue it is going to be so fun, I also can't wait to use my camera for proper photos of the places we are going to visit eg Paris, Disneyland,Venice, Aqualand!! Because by the way my new camera is Waterproof as well as being shockproof to 1m & freezeproof to 10 degrees (also mildly dustproof) 
Well as I have said I am really excited and I can't wait to show you MORE pictures from our Tour de Europe! :) 

Jess :D


  1. Good luck to all of you. I'll be watching Velma's progress with envy.

  2. I see you're making progress! Have fun x