Thursday 29 July 2010

Paris Trips

Yesterday we went into Paris on the RER and went up the Eiffel Tower, well as far as level 2.  When I was a boy you could walk all the way to the top but nowadays you can only walk to level 2, then you have to get a lift, which had a 1hr+ queue, so we took photo's from level 2 and moved on.  We had a wander around the park betweeh the tower and the Ecole Militaire then we went to the Rue de Rivoli for Hot Chocolate at Angelinas (and a trip to the Paris Branch of WH Smiths for yet more travel books and some fiction), before finishing up with Toy Story 3.  Having checked it would be in English I was concerned right up to the off as all the ads, etc., were in French.  Great movie if you haven't seen it :)

Today we went into Paris again, visiting the Pompidou Centre, Notre Dame, Musee D'Orsay, walked past the Louvre then back here for supper.  Kids will add more detail in due course, and possibly some photo's if we are lucky.

I am now off to the Coach Drivers shower block to take my chances with the Euro Pikeys!!!!

Early start tomorrow for Disney Studios apparently :)

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