Tuesday 31 August 2010

Center Parcs, Devon and back to earth ....

Center Parcs was great, various people had said it was great, and we now know they were definitely right!  Action packed, with Zip Wires, Aerial Adventures (ask Pip!), Mini-Fencing, and of course loads of time going down the Rapids (Rabids!!) in the swimming pool.  Really good to catch up with all the family, and never enough just chatting time, but a great three days to nearly finish our trip.

Yesterday we travelled an hour and forty minutes to a fantastic little camp site in Devon from Cairo's "Cool Camping Kids" book (I thought I had all their books already!!), with both Hymers parked up we had a great little camp with a beautiful sea view.  Sergo set out a very impressive Badminton court (taped lines, proper net) and we played appalling badminton and used our Boules set for the first time on tour.  Last night we had a blazing campfire (marshmallows), a fantastic risotto for the grown ups (thanks Sergio) and Carbonara for the kids (thanks Pip) and a really nice last night camping in Velma.

Back down to earth....Tom and I are sitting in Velma in a side street in Exeter waiting for Gin and the girls to come back from the shops where school shoes, skirts, trousers, etc., are being panic bought.  We bailed after M&S which looked like it had been hit by a typhoon.  Looking around the van thinking "all this has to be unpacked, cleaned up, etc.".  After very nearly 6 weeks on the road it is going to be difficult getting "back to normal".


  1. So would you do it again? If so anything you'd do differently? Loved following you around Europe.

  2. Would do it again definitely. Wouldn't really do it differently but would go to different places.

    Thanks for following us and see you at Chagstock & BDs next year unless I win tix to DXB 7s :)