Friday 13 August 2010

Tricky traveling....plans, sort of, comments on value for money

Croatias roads give some astounding views and are often terrifying for all concerned.  We are giving Velma a rest as we had clutch smoke and brake fade yesterday on the hills and trying to get into a camp site.  We have found a fabulous and very friendly campsite (thank goodness for Gin's pigeon German).  We are by the Golden Horn beach on teh island of Brac off Split.

Hoping to get Gin and the girls to Hvar Island as foot passengers and me and Velma go back over the island and cross to Split and then get on a Split to Ancona ferry, which calls in at Hvar.  This avoids the "terror trip" being repeated and gets us into the middle of Italy.  The (very) loose plan is then to go across to Pisa and then up to Monaco, Frejus and onwards to Disney to rendezvous with the Higsons (Kev - prepare yourself, Disney is eye wateringly expensive, I know you have been before, but this is breathtaking - we will be shoppign before we get there and smuggling in rations!!!).

Value for Money - we were glad we started in France, it felt really expensive and everything since has become better value for money.  We have had nights for free everywhere (including France to be fair), and nights of luxury (swimming pools, etc.).  So far these few days in Croatia feel the best overall, but lots more to come yet.

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