Sunday 8 August 2010

Pips birthday in Venice

Today was THE best day of the whole holiday so far!!!! i think everyone in the family would agree i definately thought it was!!!! We went into Venice for my birthday. In the morning we went and caught a ferry to Venice which took about 15 minutes. When we got there we looked around and saw some shops that had some really cool Venetian masks and some venetian hats. We crossed lots of bridges and each time admired the Gondolas. When we were all quite hungry we sat down on some steps in a square, but me and jess got kind of put of by the manky pigeons hopping around really close to us!! after lunch we walked around a bit moresearching for some Gelato ice cream! :P
After the ice cream the temperature suddenly increased by a lot and we were all very thirsty so we went looking for somewhere to have a drink. on the way to a place called Harrys Bar that daddy had found to go for for a drink daddy spotted a Hard Rock Cafe which we then decided to go to for my birthday supper!! But when we got to harrys bar it was way way way to expensive..... i meen 9 euros for a coke now thats a rip off!!! So we went to find somewhere a bit more reasonable in price! Eventually we went to a little cafe on the side of the Grand Canal which i cant remember the name of... Where we all got a refreshing drink, we stayed there for about an hour and a half. Whilst we were there we completely changed our holiday plans by deciding that after venice we will be going down to Rome and Pisa and then catching a car ferry across the dubrovnick (in croatia). Then after a lot of umming and aaring mummy and daddy decided that we were aloud to go on a Gondola!!! WAHAY!!! So we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe where there was a Gondola docking station place where we got on a Gondala for about 40 minutes it was super super fun!!! Then after the ride we went into the Hard Rock and sat down at a table for supper. i had a burger and chips!! mmmm healthy!!! but it was really yummy! Then for pudding we ordered a chocolate fudge brownie with cream and ice cream to share and daddy had a piece of cheesecake!! We had a really nice waiter who put our candles in the piece od cheescake and lit them and then all the staff in the Cafe sung me happy birthday and so did the customers in the cafe!!! it was really nice of them but quite embarassing for me!!! Then after we had eaten dessert and paid we went down to the shop and got a martini glass for me which came free with my drink!!! its so cool!! then we went to go and see if the shops were open to buy some presents for certain people.... e.g daisy and bryher!! but the shops were shut but dont panic we are going in again the day after tomorrow so will definately be getting them then!! We then waited for an hour to get on a ferry back to the campsite. Overall today has been the best day of the holiday so far!!


  1. So glad you had a great birthday - best wishes from all the Prossers. Flo and Bea are so envious that you are in Venice.

  2. I am so envious of your camper van trip! I want one and I want to go!!