Friday 20 August 2010

A day in Aqualand (by Pip)

Today was really fun. In the morning we woke up in a French aire just outside Frejus. All of us children were really excited. Even the adults were excited! We had breakfast then we set off straight away. It took around 30 minutes to get there. When we got there the carpark was completely full so we had to park Velma on the grass. When we had got in and got changed we put our stuff in a locker then went and dumped our towels in the picniccy area. Me, tali and tom were the first to go on a waterslide! (it was tiny though). So we went to look for one of the bigger ones. The first big slide we went on was called the snake and it was really fun. Then we went into the big fake beach for a swim. Then we went onto these two rides called - the black hole and the white hole, it was one where you had to sit in a double doughnut ring thing and go down an enclosed slide that was pitch black. Me and mummy went in a double ring down the black hole, tali and jess went in a double ring down the black hole and tom and daddy went in a double ring down the white hole!! They were really fast, dark and curly. After that we went for lunch, we didn’t spend long on lunch cause we wanted to get back to the rides. So after lunch we went and cued up for a ride, me, tali, jess and mummy cued up for the rapids and tom and daddy cued up for the rafting rapids. We cued for about 40 minutes and when you got to the end of the cue you got given a ring by someone who had just finished the ride. It was sooooo bumpy, you went down rocks with gushing water. It was quite scary!! :s After that we went back to the towels for a drink of water and to re-apply sun cream because the sun really was beating down!! (MORE TO BE ADDED I THINK - POSTED BECAUSE WE GOT A CONNECTION)

Tali on the first fast ride
Jess pulled this face on every ride :)
Pip & Tom (look closely)
Tom emerging from a very fast tube solo!
Gin showing how to retain dignity...

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