Thursday 19 August 2010

midnight border crossing

we left Pisa at 1545 headed towards Frejus. Mid evening we came off the Autostrada and headed for San Remo for supper. It looked great in the dusk but did not present a parking space so we headed on towards the border on the coast road and stopped in Ventimiglia for a late supper.

After supper we continued with the kids dozing and Crossed the border in a tunnel before joining the Autoroute which immediately presented amazing views of Mention followed by Monte Carlo and Nice. We stopped around 1am at an Aire on the Autoroute just outside Frejus ready for the much anticipated visit to Aqualand, where we spent a hot and fun day today. We drove along the Frejus Corniche (had to edit that - my phone kept correcting spelling to Cornish!!!) hoping to find a parking spot by the beach to cook supper, but eventually came back to the same spot as it is free and surprisingly pleasant.

I am the last one awake so will sign off now. Cheers, Chris


  1. Sitting with the Williamsons. Claire and I watching your progress. xxxx

  2. say hi to them from us, my phone posts are a bit spelling challenged - that said Corniche but my phone decided to call it Cornish :)