Saturday 14 August 2010

Some thank yous ....

These are delayed as we had every intention of taking photos to post with the thanks but two weeks on and this still hasn't happened!

Sharon's box of magic has sat in the centre of the dashboard for the entire journey so far, rescuing us so many times - the jotters and pens for journals and essential shopping lists, the string for washing lines, the Magic Tree smelly thing saved us from smelly drains in the onboard ensuite, the Skittles for teasing out the children (tomorrow we'll open them, tomorrow etc etc) - they lasted until Slovenia!  (Ssh - don't tell Pip we ate the jelly babies!)  And the birthday candles for Pip were used at the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice - looking very fine in a piece of cheesecake! 

Sally's wonderful bags are excellent camera cases and used every day - their distinctive pattern makes them easy to find in the daily wail of where is my .......

The Nicki money has been dipped into and so far bought a clapper board for videos - will post an example later of the budding de Milles' work. 

Various people for various books that have all come in useful along the way.  Sounds like we've been on an epic trek rather than only 3 weeks so far but hey, it's beyond Helston!

After a ferry to Italy tomorrow our nose will be pointed homewards ...

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