Friday 13 August 2010

Ramblings of the early riser :)

This site in Venice is amazing, but their wifi is a bit rubbish! Will try to get some photo's up on the blog soon.

Camping Fusina (Google for other peoples pix) is just superb. Very Italian, as in randomly organised, but great fun. We are pitched about 50m from the bank of the lagoon with a clear view of Venice across the lagoon. We have stayed 3 nights and are leaving this evening. On Friday evening/night and again this morning enormous cargo ships glide by with just a low rumble, briefly blotting out the view completely. I can't believe how close they are, again, pix will follow.

We had an afternoon on the beach yesterday, caught a ferry just outside the gate of the campsite, 40 minutes ride around the outside of Venice to the Lido. The Adriatic kept all entertained all afternoon, although a couple of minor jellyfish stings were suffered.

Anyway, I am supposed to be getting TomTom maps for Slovenia/Croatia and failing so will sign off and grab croissants. Hopefully get the maps from a more reliable wifi/internet cafe in Venice a bit later.

Cheers, Chris

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